Delivery to market is via many different modes of transportation including truck, rail, barge and vessel.

Maximizing Coal Logistics
The Camelot Team has two broad objectives, being able to maximize coal each and every day and to coordinate planning for the provision of future coal chain infrastructure. With a mix of corporations and organizations operating individual components of the coal chain, the Logistics Team provides a single point of coordination for all planning decisions. By recognizing and operating the coal chain as a single system, rather than a series of individual components, increased throughput and improved investment-planning result.

Daily Planning
The Camelot Team operates a seven day per week planning service to fulfill customers’ orders. The Team coordinates all transportation aspects, stockpile layouts, train and barge sequencing so as to fulfill customers’ orders in the shortest possible timeframe and most efficient manner possible.

Long-Term Planning
Over a longer term horizon the Camelot Team continuously assesses the adequacy of the existing coal chain infrastructure to fulfill future transportation needs. By identifying future coal chain constraints and working to develop an integrated plan, the Camelot Team is able to assist customers optimize their decisions and operations required to meet future needs.