Steam Coal, also known as thermal coal, is the world’s most abundant fossil fuel and is found in many parts of the world. Steam coal is used primarily as fuel by utilities to generate electrical power. It is also used by industrial facilities to produce steam, electricity or both.

Our supplier steam coal products range from 8,400 BTU/lb sub-bituminous PRB coals to 13,000+ BTU/lb NAPP coals, having sulfur content ranging from ultra compliance (<1.0# SO2/mm BTU) to 2+ sulfur.


Metallurgical Coal, also known as coking coal, supplies the heat and carbon used in the steel mill process to make steel products. While metallurgical coal is primarily used by steel companies, it is also used by a variety of other industrial users, chemical plants and other manufacturing and processing facilities. Metallurgical coal is less abundant than steam coal and can be used either for making coke or as a replacement for steam coal.


If you need a custom blend, Camelot can provide it. We realize that every customer has unique requirements and hence we can deliver world class blending. Our blending & optimization team can selectively blend coal from various product mixes to exactly meet your needs.

Our access to multiple preparation plants and shipping points strategically located throughout Central and Northern Appalachia and the Powder River Basin provide the ability to perform optimal blending.


Through our working relationships with the major US railroads, and many trucking, barging and lake vessel service providers, Camelot has great flexibility to deliver what you need. Our extensive network of suppliers provides the added assurance that we can deliver the right product to the right place.