Through our strategic management process, Camelot Coal strives to provide added-value based on experience and insight. We call it CAM+.

Through our proprietary processes of market analysis, fuel supply management, competitive analysis and emission review, we endeavor to provide savings to you.

For instance, beginning in 2001, we took over total responsibility for fuel supply to a major utilityís local plant. Through this relationship, Camelot handled coal purchasing, inventory management and quality control. The unique partnership reduced fuel costs more than 10%. The innovative thinking that resulted in this partnership is another example of Camelotís commitment to provide low cost fuel for todayís electricity needs.

Camelot uses its CAM+ Fuel Management System to better capture and minimize true fuel costs by understanding demand patterns, centralizing supply contracts, determining best price on market versus contract, and coordinating logistics, invoicing ... all driving out costs from throughout the fuel supply chain.

Examples of our CAM+ Service tha can be utilized by our customers include:

  • Establish supply strategies and policies.
  • Oversee the coordination of sourcing, procurement and transportation of coal assuring competitive pricing on all sourcing components through extensive market analysis and benchmarking.
  • Support and lead the development of fuel strategies and commercial terms for coal-based generators.
  • Advise senior business leaders/executives to align business priorities and management of short, medium and long-term coal market issues.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with existing and potential strategic coal suppliers and suppliers of related commodities (such as limestone). Develop an understanding of the factors that influence supplier actions and the supply market.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with transportation providers and lead the development of transportation procurement strategies.
  • Oversee or lead the negotiations and commercial arrangement for coal contracts as well as all planning activities required to support the fuel supply program.